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Ignorence Rednecka Chatterful was a Woman at the Age of 48. One Morning she stood in front of the Mirror in her Bathroom and looked at her Brain with a deep Sorrow and also without any Clue of it. It came out of her Head just a few Minutes ago, while she was busy with painting her Face a lot as usual. It wasn’t typical for her brain, she never even noticed that she has one and now it showed itself to her without any shame. At first, Ignorence was very startled about this unusual Happening, but after a few Minutes, the Fright gave Space to a deep Astonishment.

Actually she perceived it as very handsome and impressive the Way it throned there in her Skull. Just the dark and infested Spots and the green, slimy Worm, which lived inside it with his whole Family, made her feel very miserable.

And all of a sudden, the quiet viewing found an abrupt End. The Brain proceeded to Attack. It let itself grew some long, thin but strong Arms, grasped to Ignorence’s bony Throat, choked her and screamed: Save me Bitch, it hurts so much…arrgl, Herpes…Systemherpes everywhere. Then, after this huge Effort, it fainted and let lose the Neck of its clueless Owner.

The many Years, it spent in the Head of its mindless Owner, without any Attention and the total Lack of some widely varied Food and also without any Movement, which had been so necessary for a healthy Brain, made it weak. Otherwise it had choked its owner for sure much longer and moreover this desperate Attack had never been happened.

Ignorence frightened that much, as a Politician, who told accidently the Truth in Front of his congregated People of mindless Clappers and freed herself from the slack Fingers of her sick Brain. She stared very horrified on her reflection and felt her slightly wrecked Throat with her cold Hands. She never had experienced something like that and who has ever seen his starving, sick and severely damaged Brain before? I guess no one.

Ignorence Rednecka Chatterful wondered herself a lot why this all happens. As yet her Brain seemed to be very satisfied with its average and very simple State. And because Ignorence never wasted a Thought about it, she was so surprised why her Brain decided to break out of her Head, like intestinal Puree break out of some Mexican Tourist after he was drinking the Tab Water.

Now it was on her to do something. She swallowed her Fears, ignored her incipient Shyness and asked it: Saving You? How? I don’t understand, what am I doing wrong? The Brain heard her talking, gathered some of its last Energy again and answered to her, obviously pissed: What are you doing wrong you ask? The Question better is, what are u doing right! You are living your Live in a Way you doesn’t need a high Performance Organ like me. You sure would do very well with some Sand and some Salad in your Skull. You really don’t need more for the Low Life Stuff you do every Day. You have to change something in your sad Life or soon it’s to late for both of us.

After this new Speech, the Brain fainted again and left back a very confused Woman with just a half painted Face. The Worm and his gigantic Family cost it to much of Energy. After this second Effort it just lay in the Skull like dead, but it wasn’t, because Ignorence still could hear it moaning very silent. Ignorence had no Idea what more to say and tried to think a bit, what was not easy for her, because she just rarely done it before. It wasn’t really necessary in her poor Life, where painting her Face, waiting till a Man choose her, spreading her Legs, getting Pregnant and cook a bad Food for her Husband and the Children has been the only things she had to do, nearby watching Talk Shows 24/7.

And how had she doubt this, when all Families in her social Environment done similar? Yeah, what a Society we have, stagnating since Centuries on the Level of Neanderthal Development.

What she has heard yet doesn’t make her feel very good and so she dared a shot in the Dark: Hay Brain, listen I got some Ideas. How about I change the Color of my Hair, or by me a new pair of colorful Socks, or wear 2 different Shoes at same Time or what do you think I should change in my Life? Now, after this effort in Thinking it was on her to nearly faint, but she had no Chance to rest her empty Head on a Pillow.

After this weak Performance of his Human, the Brain moaned very loud and answered: Yea, great Idea. Yes, dye your Hair, like all the Chicks do, when they feel bored because of their meaningless Life’s and call it Life Change. Buy yourself a new Something and believe that this stupid Act of Naivety is real Growth.

Wake up u Dumbass, this want help you. Just a complete Change of your current State can kill the Herpesvirus and his whole voracious Family, or do you really think, that such a cunning Worm let impress himself when you confront him with a new Color of your Fingernails? You better get rid of all your inner Constraints which u carry around since Decades and you also throw out everything of what is old and used so super often into your hollow Life. And also stop screwing all the Drugs into my Gyri. Begin with the Change Today and not on this special,, tomorrow,, as you always say to your Husband, when you’ll get the cure against Gonorrhea. Start Today or it is maybe to late.

Ignorence thought about it, but not very long and said to her Brain: Ah, nevermind, that frightens me to much. I better stick to my old Life, what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger and so on, you know.

Coward – shouted the Brain and wiped its Sweat from his Front. Then at least save your innocent Children. It’s not their fault, that you had this average greedy Wish to get some Kids. Why should they suffer for your complete lack of Reason in the Night you had to much Booze and spread your Legs for this worthless Boozehound you call your Husband today. Go and take them out of School. In School Kids anyways just learn to follow a mindless Mass and obey to Authority, or do you want that they end like you, as a Welfare Recipient drip fed by some Super Rich and spending all days in a Drama where you complain yourself into sleep?

Stop it right now – yelled Ignorence to her Brain. For that what you demand from me I am not ready. It would mean I have to watch for my Kids whole Day and teach them at home and for this, I am not just not ready, I am also to lazy and as you know best, way to dumb. And for watching and raising our Kids is School there for. I made them, they care for them, that was the Deal. No, it shall stay like it is and now keep your thin Hands out of my Life you Bastard or….

Or what? – the Brain asked her death defying. Then you don’t care for me anymore? Wow, what a Threat is this supposed to be? Until Today you’d just used me as a recipient for your Drug Experiments and to remember carefully where you spread your Lies. But okay, then go on wasting your Life you just live for the Gain of your Authorities and the sexual satisfaction of some of your Men. Grow old slowly, become sick and then please don’t complain when on Day, your Kids come to your Door, with a brainwashed Smile, uniformed as Jehovah’s Whitenesses and trying to sell you their retarded Truth. And also don’t complain when they supporting you voting for some Conservative Party, because they also prefer to live a Life long in the Land of the Day before Yesterday.

While Ignorence desperately tried to find a fitting Answer to these Accusations, the Brain allowed itself a nice Dose of body’s own Morphine, threw off his Arms and went reluctantly back to his ungrateful and pointless Work. It realized, that even the Announcement of an absolutely meaningless Life, filled with Loss and Sickness, isn’t enough for a Change in Ignorence’s sad Life.

From that on, Brainy arranged himself again with Dully the Systemherpes Worm and his retarded Family and gave up his last Spark of Hope. Since that Happening, Ignorence was the old again. She just cared about her Brains Status, when it yelled very loud for some Painkillers after a tremendous Booze Cruise, like a Jewish Boy at his Circumcision.

By the Way:

The worldwide Population of Systemherpes Worms, which feed themselves from their clueless Owners and keeping up the Machinery of Doom of whole Apekind, is about 7 Billion Families and still rising. Obviously this Parasite isn’t to find on the List of endangered Species.

And to all of you, who might think, I didn't have some of these Worms, but for sure the others, is totally wrong!

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